Another pebble placed in the Southland hills by ancient rivers is our milky white one, which gives any garden or landscape feature a crisp look. There can be on rare occasions the odd small red jasper stone appear in this product, which is a naturally occurring feature in the southern white geological seams.


This is another naturally smooth pebble sourced from Southland’s beaches. Perfectly polished by the Southern Ocean waves, its shapes are round or oval and is a brilliant gold pebble with black, gray, brown, green and white pebbles sprinkled in the background. This pebble gives a tropical beach feel to any landscape or garden feature.


Sourced from ancient beach deposits and shaped by the Southern Ocean’s waves, this naturally round pebble has a base of black pebbles with various shades of brown, gold, and gray pebbles mixed throughout with hints of jaspser and green pebbles to give a unique dark richness to the colour. This pebble provides a great backdrop for native features in gardens and landscape projects.